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Holiday Shipping

OCTOBER 2021: Holiday Shipping Slowdown Video

Crazy Shipping Crisis

OCTOBER 2021: Crazy Shipping Crisis Explained

Daily Vessel Report

September 24, 2021: Provided by Port of Oakland

SoCal Bypass Efforts

SEPTEMBER 2021: Why Container Ships Can't Sail...

Rising Shipping Costs

SEPTEMBER 2021: Companies' Latest Inflation Riddle

Record Shattered

SEPTEMBER 2021: 61 Vessels Stuck off California Coast

Shipping Optons Dry Up

SEPTEMBER 2021: Businesses Try to Rebuld

U.S. Ports Forecast

SEPTEMBER 2021: Logjams Likely Extending Far Into 2022

California Port Pileup

AUGUST 2021: Imports still haven’t peaked

Port Congestion Update

AUGUST 2021: Covid-19 Closure at Ningbo...

SoCal Ports Jammed

AUGUST 2021: Bottleneck at Ports in Los Angeles...

State of the Industry

JUNE 2021: FAQ by Frank Rosenberg...

China Port Logjam

JUNE 2021: WSJ
China Port Logjam

Gasoline Shortages

MAY 2021: Freight Waves Colonial Pipeline update...

America's Imports

Stuck on ships just off LA

Global Shipping Status

MARCH 2021: CNN BUSINESS Shortages and higher prices...

Suez Canal

MARCH 2021: CMA CGM Situation in the Suez Canal...

Chaos Strikes

MARCH 2021: New York Times Global Shipping chaos...

COVID-19 Briefing

FEBRUARY 2021: Status update on our COVID policy...

Holiday Greetings

December 2020: Happy Holidays from Sea Shipping...

Real People

NOVEMBER 2020: Our Real People Commitment..

China to Bay Area

MAY 2020: Direct Service China to Bay Area...

Houston Office

MAY 2020: We're working for you..

Los Angeles Office

MAY 2020: Staying the course...

Seattle Office

MAY 2020: PNW is standing Tall...

COVID-19 Response

MARCH 2020: Sea Shipping Line's COVID-19 policy...


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